Information support of environmental protection and education

Information support of  environmental protection and education


Service for control and supervision in the sphere of environmental protection, wildlife and forest relations of Ugra (Prirodnadzon of Ugra) Prepared by:
Larisa V. Kruglova (Head of the Department of Ecological Culture), tel. :( 3467) 315-491


Informing the population of Ugra was carried out in order to attract people, the public and all concerned agencies and executive bodies of state authority to issues of environmental protection, involvement of Ugra residents in environmental education and protection activities.

For public awareness:

1.  Information is continuously published at web-sites www.prirodnadzor.admhmao.ru in a section  "Formation of ecological culture" - 188 materials and site of public environmental organizations of Ugra www.югра‑эко.рф (14 materials).

2. Publications in in newspapers and magazines:

- "News of Ugra", the application "SOS" on "The environmental situation in Ugra" (based on the report of 2014) and the "Water for Life" (on the basis of the XIII International Campaign "Save and Preserve");

- "Arguments and Facts - Ugra" (heading "Environmental issues" - answers to questions by Prirodnadzor specialists and appeals of Ugra citizens); Article on specially protected natural reserves and the development of tourism and tourist programs in SPNR; the outcome of the March of parks; Development of the system of environmental education in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra; the outcome of the UNESCO International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development;

- "Environmental education: before school, at school, out of school" (articles about the experience in the field of environmental education, awareness and formation of ecological culture of schoolchildren in Ugra).

3. 2 press conferences ( objectives of Campaign "Save and Preserve" in 2015, the concept of key program activities of the XIII Campaign; results of the "Save and Preserve" in Ugra in 2015).

4. Shown on TV:

- 3 environmental education programs "Ekovzglyad";

- 2 TV programs "Diaries of the International Ecological Campaign "Save and Preserve ";

- The final film of the results of the Campaign in the Autonomous Okrug on the "Ugra" TV channel,

- 60 times on air - information TV and radio programs about the main activities of the Campaign program;

- Head of Ugra Prirodnadzor (S.V. Pikunov) and Deputy Head (S.V. Korol) presented environmental information in the programs "Epicenter", "Bez posrednikov";

- On the TV channel "Ugra" in the program "From 7 to 9" (from May 21 to June 5) there was a section XIII Campaign "Save and Preserve", members of which are representatives of the environmental movement in Ugra, the executive authorities - organizers of events and competitions, and guests of program activities;

- During the entire period of the Campaign there were news releases on the preparation and implementation of program activities in Ugra on TV channels "Yugra", "Yugoria".

5. Work of the press center was organized:

- Press releases on the preparation, conduct and results of the Campaign were sent to the 4 information agencies; 29 print media; 29 TV and radio companies; 16 radio stations; 15 mass media of the Urals Federal District and Tyumen; 6 federal mass media; 10 environmental media; 8 environmental departments at city administrations of Ugra.

Total in the mass media (including the work of the press center):

- Ecological films, TV and audio clips, news programs (361 minutes of airtime.);

- 211 printed pages to highlight the issues of the environment, environmental safety and of the "Save and Preserve" in Ugra;

- 202 materials posted on websites of Prirodnadzor of Ugra and public environmental organizations of Ugra;

- Advertising campaigns with street banners, benches, quick-screens, posters, calendars.


1. Collections:

- On the basis of the program activities of IEC "Save and Preserve" ( "Program of the IEC "Save and Preserve"- 80 pieces." "The results of the IEC "Save and Preserve", and CDs - 1,350 pieces);

- According to the results of the competition "Best municipality in the sphere of relations related to the protection of the environment" - 100 pcs.

- On the basis of competition "The Red Book through the eyes of children" and CDs - 600 pieces.

- Collections and CDs "Report on the environmental situation in the KhMAO- Ugra in 2014 (200 units).

2. Pages of Green Paper chronicles in 2015 (chronicle of IEC  "Save and Preserve").




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