Информационное письмо Международный молодежный эко Форум «Одна планета – одно будущее!» (Eng)



The International Environmental Youth Forum “One planet – one future!” bringing  together the participants of the 8th International Conference of UNESCO associated schools “Ob-Irtysh River Catchment: Young People Study and Preserve Natural and Cultural Heritage in the Great Rivers of the World Regions” and the 11th Youth Ecological Forum “Preserving Ugra’s Blooming World" will be held in Khanty-Mansiysk (the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, the Russian Federation) during the period of the 8th International Ecological Action “To Save and to Preserve”. 

The topic of the Forum: "Water for Life"

The initiators of the Forum:

  • Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO;
  • the Government of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug– Ugra.

The organizers of the Forum:

  • the EnvironmentОшибка! Недопустимый объект гиперссылки.;
  • the Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra;
  • the regional ecological non-profit organization "Third Planet from the Sun"

Objectives of the Forum

  • involvement of young people in solving problems of environment and cultural heritage preservation in their regions;
  • motivation of the young people to take part in the socially significant activities;
  • support of the youth ecological movement activists;
  • study the environmental actions practice of the local, interregional and international youth environmental  associations.

Participants of the Forum:

  • 50 participants from municipalities of the Autonomous Okrug (recommended composition of the delegations 3 participants, 1 head of delegation):
  • 50 participants from UNESCO Associated Schools:

20 participants from foreign countries (1 participant and 1 head of delegation)

30 participants from the subjects of the Russian Federation (2 participants and 1 head of delegation).


Note: number of  participants from the Autonomous Okrug and the subjects of the Russian Federation may be increased in accordance with the submitted applications subject to the Organizing Committee's approval.

  • The deadline for submitting applications for the participation in the Forum from UNESCO Associated Schools, the subjects of the Russian Federation, and the municipalities of the Autonomous Okrug shall be up to and including 1 May 2015 at the following address: YPEM@yandex.ru, according to application (see attached);
  • Applications for the participation in the Forum from UNESCO Associated Schools from foreign countries should be submitted up to and including 1 May 2015 at the following address: EvdokimovaNS@admhmao.ru, according to application (see attached)

The Forum's agenda will follow the Provisions and the Program, including:

  • Opening and Closing ceremony;
  • plenary session of UNESCO associated schools conference;
  • socially significant environmental projects contest;
  • work of Corporations (thematic groups of the Forum participants) in the following areas: creative ideas, project solutions, information technologies, creative implementations;
  • thematic interactive and business games;
  • round table discussions; master classes;
  • cultural, entertainment, tourist, game, sports and creative programs.

The Forum's Provisions and Program of events shall be made available at a later date.


The participants shall:

at the plenary session:

Representatives of UNESCO Associated Schools: make presentations.

                 The presentations will be made during the Plenary session of the International Conference of UNESCO Associated Schools “The  Ob-Irtysh Catchment: Young People Study And Preserve the Natural And Cultural Heritage in the Great Rivers of the World Regions” as a part of the Youth Ecological Forum "One Planet - One Future!" agenda.

The purpose of the presentation is the introduction of the history, culture and environment, as well as the main problems related to the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of different regions of the world.

  1. Recommendations on the content and formatting of presentations:
  • Presentation content:

1st block (not longer than 3 minutes):

Brief information about the country's history, the region or specific community;

Some facts about the culture and traditions of the country or region;

natural wealth - flora and fauna, specially protected natural territories, water bodies of the country or region

2nd block (not longer than 7 minutes):

The existing problems of protection of water bodies (river network, lakes, seas, natural springs, water bio-resources, etc.) of the country, region or a particular community and their possible solution;

Participation of the young people in the programs of preservation of water bodies of the country, region or a particular community via their involvement in the work of public and private ecological organizations, associations, movements and clubs;

Personal involvement in projects of preservation of water bodies of the country, region or a particular community (individual studies, personal involvement in actions, contests and other events, volunteer work, charities, etc.).

  • It is recommended to use national costumes, objects of national cultural and everyday life (musical instruments, etc.)
  • Language of presentations: English or Russian (it is not necessary to make presentations in two languages - the Forum will provide conference interpreters' services).
  • Each UNESCO school shall present one project.
  • Technical support requirements for presentations shall be stated in the application.
  • Presentations assessment criteria:

style of presentation;

correspondence to the topic of the Forum;

content of presentation;

systemic nature of environmental efforts focusing on protection of water bodies of the country, region or a particular community;

efficiency of the work;

completeness, accuracy of the data;

personal involvement of the contestant in projects' implementation;

quality of answers to questions.


The participants of the Forum should bring with them:

  • folk musical instruments, national costumes, national culture objects;
  • performance art items for the evening cultural and entertainment programs of the Forum;
  • handout methodological materials and souvenirs;
  • for the heads of delegations - methodological presentation materials on the Forum's topic, information materials about successfully implemented programs and water bodies protection projects;
  • warm clothes and footwear (Khanty-Mansiysk is located in the area of distinctly continental climate characterized by abrupt changes of weather conditions);
  • comfortable clothes and footwear for participation in sports events, including the open air ones, swim suits for participation in the sports events in the pool.


Participation terms:

  • All travel expenses of the delegates from foreign and CIS countries (round trip to the location of the Forum), board and accommodation, participation in program events, transfers within the city of Khanty-Mansiysk over the period of the Forum shall be covered by the host party.
  • Travel expenses of the participants from the Autonomous Okrug's municipalities and the subjects of the Russian Federation to the location of the event shall be covered by the participant’s organization. All expenses related to board and accommodation, participation in program events, transfers within the city of Khanty-Mansiysk over the period of the Forum shall be covered by the host party.


The outcomes of the Forum shall be summed up as:

  • recommendations of the Forum;
  • awards of diplomas and prizes to the most active participants in the following nominations:

best reports-presentations (5 for the UNESCO Associated Schools based on the delivered presentations);

5 to the winners of the socially  significant for the ecological movement of Ugra ecological projects contest;

4 active participants of the Forum by the results of the work in Corporations (by various areas of work);

5 best practical solutions of the Forum;

5 active participants (children/heads of delegations) in the program events of the Forum.


Coordinators of the Forum:

General administration of the Forum:

Kruglova Larisa Vitalievna - the head of the Department of Ecological Culture Development of the Administration for Environmental Protection, Fauna and Forestry Affairs Control and Supervision of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra  -  contact phone number: 8 (3467) 315-491, e-mail: KruglovaLV@admhmao.ru;

Organizational issues of coordination with the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO and support of foreign and CIS delegations during their stay in the Autonomous Okrug

Yevdokimova Natalya Sergeyevna -  deputy head of the Department of Coordination of International and Foreign Economic Relations of the Department for External and Public Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, contact phone number: 8(3467) 35-70-39, e-mail:  EvdokimovaNS@admhmao.ru;

Administration of the work of the executive committee of the Forum, current organizational issues, contacts with the delegations:

Vyazov Eugeny Victorovich () - the chairman of the   regional youth non-governmental ecological movement "Third Planet from the Sun"  - UNESCO club - contact phone number: +7 (922) 799-66-79, e-mail:  VyazovEV@yandex.ru, YPEM@yandex.ru).


Further information:

On the delegations travel schedule:

Arrival on 20 may 2015

Departure of delegations from Moscow - 19 May 2015, flight 351 (Vnukovo airport) at 20:10 (Moscow time)

Arrival to Khanty-Mansiysk - 20 May at 01:10 (local time)


Departure of delegations from Khanty-Mansiysk to Moscow - 24 May 2015, flight 352   at 07:40 (local time)

Arrival to Moscow  (Vnukovo airport) - 24 May at 08:55 (Moscow time)


Information about Khanty-Mansiysk

Khanty-Mansiysk is one of the most beautiful and unusual cities of Western Siberia with the unique natural landscape, architecture, modern level of service, and developed infrastructure. Khanty-Mansiysk has its own different from most of other Russian provinces urban environment with a marked local specifics.

The city is washed from three sides by the Irtysh river and is located only 20 kilometers away from the place of the confluence of the two great Siberian rivers -  the Ob and the Irtysh. Looking at the city with bird's eye one can see city lying in a compact formation on the seven hills  at the very edge of a peninsula driving a wedge into the Ob-Irtysh floodland.

Despite the fact that in 2012 Khanty-Mansiysk  celebrated its 430th anniversary this is a modern city, comfortable for both its own people and the visitors.

The most lighted city. 100% of the streets are lighted.

The most sports oriented city.  30% of its population go in for sports, and among the young people this percentage is over 60%. In a small in terms of the urban territory area there are 154 sports facilities including some large scale ones: A.V. Filipenko Nordic Ski Center Ice Arena "Ugra" with the seating capacity of 6 thousand people,  an open stadium with stands seating 5 thousand people, modern Tennis Center...

In the streets and squares of Khanty-Mansiysk there are about 60 monuments and sculptural compositions.

The most "green" city. Out of 337 hectares of the city's area almost one third is covered by parks and squares. Along its perimeter the city is surrounded by a nature reserve - the Nature Park "Samarovski Chugas" occupying the area of 6.7 hectares and featuring relic species of coniferous trees, the famous Khanty-Mansiysk cedars are called the natural 'lungs' of the city. The city center is adorned with two parks with birch tree groves:   Boris Losev park and Victory park.

The city of dynamic new development. In 2014 there were 40 construction sites in Khanty-Mansiysk. The builders' efforts today are mostly concentrated on the new artificial embankment areas dedicated for future development.

Khanty-Mansiysk is an ecologically clean city because there are no large manufacturing companies. An indication of the air purity in winter is the color of snow - here it stays pure white throughout the whole of the winter period.

In addition in the magic and mysterious Khanty-Mansiysk one can see... mammoths wandering in the streets. An unprepared tourist may stumble right into them going down the Samarov mountain slope. In the twilight haze this cinematographic picture strikes the imagination. This is the unique sculpture group "Samarovo Butte" Archeopark located at the foot of the Samarov mountain. This place is both ancient, mystical and modern, which has become a major attraction for the locals and the guests of the city alike, this places strikes the tourists' imagination with the gigantic figures of ancient animals which lived here during the Paleolithic period.

The climate of Khanty-Mansiysk is distinctly continental. In winter the temperatures may drop to minus 40C, and in summer for a short time it may be as hot as plus 35C. The northern weather is changeable, uncertain, and the local people often say: 'in June it is not yet summer, and in July it's already past summer". But still nowhere else can one experience such a ravishing autumn painted with all shades of gold and purple with flashes of the emerald green of the fir-trees. Or the crystal clear ringing purity of winter covering everything around - the forests, the people, and the buildings - with a white cotton wool blanket.

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